CULT OF WOOD – a boutique furniture brand of the highest quality from Tallinn, Estonia. Designed specially for creative environments. Gives a sense of intimate bond right from the first touch.

1. Brand strategy

2. Naming

3. Project supervision

1. Project intro

This unique furniture brand was born out of the cooperation between French designer Emmanuel Meslet and Finnish designer Jukka Haltunen’s studio, TenTwelve.

We immediately got excited about the collaboration after seeing prototype sketches in our first meeting together. The beauty of their timeless designs carved from solid, natural oak and the use of “wood on wood” construction, meaning minimal use of metal materials, are undeniably impressive.

2. Challenge

Competition in the furniture industry is fierce. In order to stand out a brand needs a memorable name and a clear direction based on a unique and honest story.

3. Strategic discovery

Our real inspiration for the brand came once we had been presented with the first prototype: a massive, yet elegant, oak table straight from the workshop. The piece stood with stability and grace and encapsulated the essence of Emmanuel and Jukka’s vision. It was clear to us that the brand had two major pillars on which to focus: the use of carefully selected materials combined with quality craftsmanship.

4. Winning concept

From this moment, the concept of COW was born. The name stands for Cult Of Wood, but COW is about more than the desire to make great wood furniture. COW is about the use of natural materials and environmentally conscious manufacturing. It is about a focus on customers with contemporary tastes who appreciate bold and creative brands. It is about furniture that can fit anywhere, in every environment.

5. Results

COW furniture has already won several design awards, has been featured in numerous design magazines, and is steadily increasing its herd of excited customers all over the world.

Project Details

Client: Cult of wood, Estonia

Date: January 1, 2012

Online: www.cultofwood.eu/

In cooperation with design agency IDENTITY, Estonia

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