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AURA is an artesian water rich with silicium. Provides a smooth drinking experience and is sourced in Lida, Western Belarus.

1. Brand audit & strategy

2. Rebranding

3. Packaging design

1. Project intro

AURA water comes from an artesian well 280 meters deep in the fertile Belarusian soil. It is a true gift from nature created over 10.000 years ago during the last ice age. AURA is naturally rich with silicium, a mineral known for its beautifying effect on the skin, hair and nails, and provides a refreshingly light and smooth drinking experience. It’s no wonder that women are the target market for AURA.

2. Major issue

Despite communicating AURAs soft and feminine values, consumer preference was severely divided by the highly competitive Belarusian market of soft drinks.

3. Strategic discovery

Being a water brand doesn’t mean that your branding needs to be diluted. In the competitive bottled-water market it is even more important to have a crystal clear and bold image. The AURA brand audit indicated that, although consumers understood that AURA was branded as “water for women,” they weren’t exactly sure why. By highlighting the real benefits of drinking AURA, the real things that make it “water for women,” the brand would be able to solidly support their identity and maintain consumers.

This gave AURA a clear direction.

4. Winning insight

Get back to the basics. There are three major pillars of the AURA brand:  the purity of its source, the health benefits of the naturally occurring silicium, and its smooth drinking experience. Drinking AURA is drinking for pleasure and health. We call it the SPA effect.

5. Implemented changes

To deliver the message of the SPA effect to the customer, we have upgraded the entire AURA visual identity starting with the creation of a dedicated brand book. The new branding incorporates the powerful, feminine symbol of the lotus flower and the AURA logo has been transformed to place emphasis on its artesian origin.

We look forward to seeing AURA spring to its new heights.

Project Details

Client: Lidskoe Pivo, Belarus

Date: June 1, 2015

Online: aurawater.by

LIDSKOE PIVO is a part of OLVI Group, Finland

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